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A Review is a critique or evaluation of something. We review things like computer hardware, computer software and technology books.

Telus Optik TV is Great But Needs a Few Improvements

I switched to Telus Optik TV several months ago after being a Shaw HDTV customer for many years. So far I prefer the Telus Optik TV but I do miss a few things about the Shaw HDTV (i.e. Shaw’s generation of HDTV just before the new Shaw Gateway and Exo services).

One of these days I’ll write a full review of Telus Optik TV. For now I just want to talk about some much needed improvements for Optik TV. I emailed the following suggested improvements to Telus a few months ago but Continue reading » Telus Optik TV is Great But Needs a Few Improvements

Netflix Canada Review


In September 2010, Netflix launched its instant movie and TV streaming service in Canada. Having purchased a shiny new Sony PS3 on Boxing Day, I decided it was the perfect time to give Netflix Canada a try. In this article, I provide a review of my initial experiences with Netflix Canada. Continue reading » Netflix Canada Review

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Samsung NC10 Netbook Review

After months of pining and researching, I finally bit the bullet and bought a netbook. During my research, I checked out the netbook offerings of Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer and Asus. In the end, I went with the Samsung NC10 (model code NP-NC10-KA05CA). In this exclusive, I’ll review my new “Sammy” netbook. Continue reading » Samsung NC10 Netbook Review

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Acer Aspire One AOD-250 First Impressions

As we posted earlier, the nerdboys recently went shopping for some netbooks.  We debated the pros and cons of each.  In the end, Jonathan ended up getting the Acer model (AOD-250).  Here are some first impressions:

Continue reading » Acer Aspire One AOD-250 First Impressions

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